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Quotes I had Joey detail the inside of a 1998 Toyota Corolla that had not been cleaned out for about 6 years. Dog hair, general grime buildup, floor mats trashed from winter after winter, etc. When it was done, you would think it was almost new again. It was amazing! Not only that, but the center console top cover had come unhinged and he fixed that, too! It was worth what I considered a reasonable cost and more. It was very convenient as well because he came to my home to do the job. This is a 5-star service all around. Quotes
Kandrea J.
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Joey Thank you so much for cleaning the interior of our 1972 very green Cadillac 4 door hardtop! I cannot believe how wonderful of a job you performed in bringing the interior to almost right off the showroom condition. You did exactly what was requested, and I appreciate what you did. I can't believe how white the vinyl top turned out also. It really cleaned up well...... Thanks again! Quotes
Jeff Schloegel

Quotes I own a couple of late model BMW coupes and a Porsche and trust these beauties only to Joey. He uses the best, top-shelf products like Zymol waxes and polishes as well as Griot's Garage Products. The bottom line is very simple. The Zymol wax and HD Cleanse combination delivers a shine no other product can come close to. He uses the expensive Zymol wax not the cheap crap you get at Target or Pep Boys, Oreilley...etc. Joey is by far the most talented auto detailer I have ever encountered and I have used no less than 10 other detailer in the TC area and no one comes close. This is the guy you want to do the job!!! Ask for will never go back to regular, garden-variety waxes again (i.e., Meguiars, Turtle Wax, 3m, Car Brite.....etc). The depth and clarity after a Zymol polish (HD Cleanse) and Wax are off-the charts nuts and to my knowledge, Joey is the only detailer in the Twin Cities who offers Zymol service. Again, Joey is the guy you want to do the job! M. Cassola Quotes
michael cassola
A Really Suave Dude!